Juanjo Segura


Juanjo is trained in Integrative Psychotherapy and in Claudio Naranjo SAT program (Enneagram). Involved with the practice of Zen meditation, he has taken the breathwork also to meditation centers. Juanjo has also been working for several years with families in substance addiction rehabilitation programs. His background includes business management, body-oriented techniques, and shamanism.

He began his training in Holotropic Breathwork in year 2000 and certified in 2002. Since then he has been part of Grof Transpersonal Training teaching staff and has facilitated at the trainings in Mexico, Spain and Ireland. He also organizes workshops in France and Spain.

Since 2003 is the organizer (with Sitara Blasco) of the Spanish GTT program. He has his practice in Alicante.

Juanjo Segura

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Alicante Spain