Iva Zic


Social worker, family mediator, currently in the Grof Transpersonal training.

Iva was born in 1978. in Croatia, has a master's degree in social work and works at the Institute for Social Work in the department of child protection. She also completed a specialist postgraduate study in family mediation and is a registered family mediator.

She has been involved with Holotropic breathwork since 2013. and is very grateful for this method coming into her life because it played very important part in her own journey of healing and transformation. She deeply believes in each person's potential to connect with inner healing wisdom, as well as in the ability of transformation on an individual and collective level. She feels very grateful for having an opportunity to support people in such processes.

Iva has been participating as the apprentice at the Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Zagreb since March 2023. and is soon to be certified as a Holotropic breathwork facilitator.

She loves animals and enjoys spending time in nature. Her north star in life is the recognition of our essential Being through spiritual practices like meditation and self-inquiry.

Iva Zic

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