Frederico Marques


Frederico was born in Portugal and holds a PhD in Science. While following a technical career path in research for more than 13 years, he continued to pursue his interest in the arts — completing a post-graduate program in Art and Movement.

In 2011 he began his training as a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. He has also concluded Claudio Naranjo SAT Program (Integrative Psychotherapy and Enneagram) and received training in Gestalt Therapy. He is a regular practitioner of Yoga and Meditation.


Posgraduate in Art and Movement , ALAS, Artes en Movimiento, Barcelona, Spain,

Grof Transpersonal Training - Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

SAT Program - Integrative Psychotherapy and Enneagram

Training in Gestalt Therapy, GESTALT Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Ph.D. in Materials Science.

Integrated M.Sc. Polymer Engineering

Frederico Marques

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