Cyrus Bruton


Cyrus Bruton, born 1960 in the UK and lives since over 30 years in Berlin, Germany where he has been guiding and holding space for community grounded in meditation and wholesome daily living since 1999.

In the 80’s and 90’s he lived and worked in India participating in various emotional and body centered therapies as well as working as a progressive psychedelic trance DJ throughout Europe, the spirit of which he brings to his Holotropic Breathwork™ music sets. He is an Avatar Master and Wizard and Hoffmann Quadrinity graduate.

He has intensely focused on the practice of zazen and koan study since 2017 with Jeff Shore, attending retreats throughout Europe and visiting Japan.

He first connected with the work in 2011 and certified as a Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator in 2016 and since then has regularly facilitated and co-organized workshops throughout Germany with the Berlin team.

Cyrus Bruton

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