Csaba Sőti


As a physician and scientist, Csaba has been working in the fields of stress, aging and learning. Currently he investigates the impact of early life memories on bodyly-mental patterns and health. As a university staff, he teaches in the medical curriculum.

In his coaching and therapeutic work he relies on a broad background in states of expanded awareness and body oriented approaches, including work in ritual frames. Work in these contexts possesses a profound healing potential not only on life history events, but also on perinatal and transgenerational themes.

Holotropic Breathwork™ is a major transformational force in his life. Together with Minh Tu Nguyen and Balázs Rákóczi they founded Holotropic Hungary and regularly organize and facilitate workshops. 


M.D., medicine
Ph.D., molecular life sciences
D.Sc., molecular biology

Hypnotherapist (Hungarian Association of Hypnotherapy)
Psychodrama practitioner (Hungarian Association of Psychodrama, Max Clayton)
Core shamanic practitioner (school of Jonathan Horwitz through Judit Hatfaludy)
Holotropic Breathwork™ practitioner (Grof Transpersonal Training)
Lomi lomi nui massage and bodywork therapist (lineage of Kumu Lomilomi Auntie Maile through Anikó Überhardt)

Both as a scientist as well as a facilitator he explores and supports the innate, natural responses originating from our inner healing wisdom.



Csaba Sőti

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