Christian Weber


My own journey and quest led me early on into a therapeutic and artistic exploration of biographical and collective states of the soul. Initially, my exploration was primarily of an artistic and creative nature, taking the form of symbols and alchemical processes akin to what I encountered in the works of C.G. Jung. For many years, I worked as a visual artist and goldsmith before embarking on a path of training to become a psychotherapist. Throughout numerous further education opportunities in the field of trauma therapy, I continually met the themes of breath and the body. The encounter with expanded states of consciousness and trance led me to seek ways to work with them in a healing manner. This is where I integrated 5 Rhythms dance and meditation into my life.

With Holotropic Breathwork®, I discovered a simple, intense, and highly enriching practice allowing a safe space for directly experiencing and integrating inner processes. It is in this practice that I find the most authentic expression of trust in the individual inner journey of each person.

Christian Weber

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