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I graduated from the UT Faculty of Medicine with a degree in medicine in 1995 and a residency in family medicine in 2007. I worked at the Family Medicine Center SInu Arst in 2001-2018, first as a general practitioner, later as a family doctor. Since 2010, I have worked as a general practitioner in various health centers in Finland and still work. In 2018, I gave up my list of family doctors at my own request. I felt that a contract with the Health Insurance Fund was no longer my path. Also, medicines are no longer my first choice for various health problems. Over the years, I have become convinced that no matter how physical a person's problem is, the cause must still be sought at the level of soul and spirit. This understanding has finally led me to holotropic breathing. For me, it was love at first sight. A method that is simple in nature, but at the same time offers infinite depth. I want to share this experience with everyone who wants to work with themselves. You're expected! I completed GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) training in 2018 as a certified holotropic breathing practitioner. 

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Anna Luik

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