Anatina Olschewsky Beltran


Anatina is a seeker grateful for her time on earth where her quest and exploration can expand.

She was brought to Inner Work through her personal crisis in early years and dove deeply into Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanism and constellation work. These tools allowed her to endure this time and transform the way she perceived herself and the world. She continues to learn and train in these areas, seeing herself as an apprentice for life, of the wisdom inherent to all things.

The birth of her son became a rite of passage through wich she anchored her trust in life and its processes in an irrevocable way, she draws from this in all aspects of her personal and professional life.

Art is her way of alchemising experience into tangible resources and she uses it to address realms beyond words. She works as a Bowen Therapist and Doula, bringing the deep trust and aliveness she carries to the space as her gift.

She will continue to explore with integrity and curiosity the realms of this life experience. Being with others with the same quality of open curiosity and trust.

Anatina Olschewsky Beltran