Anastasia Panagiotidou


Anastasia was born in Greece and currently lives in Thessaloniki. She studied International Business and MBA in the UK, Holland and France. While working in managerial positions for many years, she completed her MSc in Psychology.  Her inner journey began with breathwork in 2000, leading her to start the GTT Training in 2008 and certify as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner in 2015. Anastasia is very passionate about Holotropic Bretahwork, as she has witnessed people's transformation and her own personal development and healing. In 2015 she co-organised with Irena Antolic the first HB workshop in Greece and she would love to make Holotropic Breathwork more accessible to people around the world.


Holotropic Breathwork practitioner

MSc Psychology

Anastasia Panagiotidou

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