May 24, 2020

Meet Your Self - An Online Introduction to SoulCollage® 

"The intention of SoulCollage® is to offer a creative practice for exploring, healing and evolving our many-faceted Souls so every Soul is able to manifest its unique SoulEssence in increasingly balanced and joy-filled forms." ~ Seena Frost

With SoulCollage® you get to know a fun & creative tool for integration, self-exploration and empowerment which you can use alone, with family, children or friends. It can also be used as a therapeutic tool or to work with others. 

As Meister Ekkehart, a German mystic says: "When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it."

What we are going to do during this course:
We will create images through a very easy intuitive process that connect us with our Self, bring our different personality parts - the light and the shadow ones into consciousness, makes us aware of the archetypal energies that run through us, bring healing energy to our physical energy centers (chakras) and allow us to find a loving and compassionate relationship with all that is within and outside.

At the end of the course you will have the basis for your own personal SoulCollage® card deck, you will know how to write with your cards and how to do readings for yourself alone or together with others in community. You will experience how to use them for integrating Holotropic as well as challenging life experiences, unleash your creative energy, connect with your inner healing wisdom and empower yourself.  After the course you have all the tools to expand your card deck and deepen your personal work with it to your liking. If you fall in love with SoulCollage® feel free to join the global SoulCollage® community where you can connect with like minded souls. :)

If you feel like deepening your practice and bringing the beauty of SoulCollage® to your own communities as SoulCollage® facilitator this course counts as the one requirement to enter the SoulCollage® Facilitator training. 


For this course we will gather four times on a weekly basis for two to three hours each via zoom. We will have a closed online group to share, ask questions and support each other in the process. Meetings will take place on 4 SoulCollage® Sundays. The first online gathering happens on SUNDAY 24th May from 4:30 pm to 7 pm (Vienna time).

If you feel like joining but the timing is not right, please get in touch via email with
Depending on the level of interest we might have more than one group and can do these at different times.


You don't need to prepare or read anything for the course, however, please have the following materials ready:

  • magazines with images (this can be anything from magazines like national geographic, happynezz, women or men's magazines, art books, advertisement brochures or whatever collection of images resonates with you - one magazine is enough to start with) or
  • download and print images in colour from the internet that resonate with you
  • glue
  • scissor 
  • cards (size between A6 and A5, it is easy to order A5  paper cards online or you can prepare them yourself by using card box and cutting it)

If it is not possible for you to find magazines or print images please get in touch with me latest a week before the course starts so that I can send you a SoulCollage® starter kit via mail. Costs for this will be around € 20,- depending on the actual delivery costs.


To register please click here and fill out the registration form. 

I offer this course due to the current crisis which is hitting many people hard financially at scaling rates starting at € 80,- The usual price for a SoulCollage® introductory course is € 220,- (€ 55,- per group gathering).


Sonja Busch

Facilitator and Organiser

Sonja is GTT Director Austria and Founder of the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork. She works in private practice as Bowen Body Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Specialised in...


, Vienna Austria,

, Vienna Austria,


"Meet Your Self" - An introduction to SoulCollage® is offered at a special scaling rate due to the current global crisis. The "usual" price for such an introductory course is € 220,- (€ 55,- per meeting)

Please feel free to pay as you wish from € 80,- onwards. Your place is secured with registering and transferring "your amount" to the following account:

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