GTT module "The Power Within: Practice of Holotropic Breathwork™" with Diana Medina and GTT staff in Rostov-on-Don, Russia


September 3 – 8, 2017 “The Power Within: Practice of Holotropic Breathwork”, a mandatory module of GTT certification program in Russia, will be held in Rostov-on-Don, “League of Nations” business center. The module includes theoretical part and Holotropic breathwork™ sessions. Participation fee (non-inclusive accommodation and food): early registration and prepayment before August 23, 2017 - 650 US dollars. Registration and prepayment after August 23, 2017 – 850 US dollars.

In September we will have a wonderful opportunity to review the basics of holotropic approach. “The Power Within: Practice of Holotropic Breathwork™” module in Rostov-on-Don, September 3-8, 2017, will complete the current round of GTT certification program in Russia. The module will be held by Diana Medina and international GTT team of facilitators.

During the module we will have our own experience of the essence of the Holotropic practice. We will discuss principles underpinning Holotropic Breathwork™ and go beyond theory to learn the peculiarity of Holotropic Breathwork™ as method of self-exploration and healing. This is a unique opportunity to go deeper in one’s own inner process and get to know what underlies holotropic approach to working with others. As we support others in their journeys, we discover how holotropic theory can be used to enrich our everyday life.

Topics of the module:

1. The power of Inner healer;

2. The lineage of Holotropic Breathwork™: history of healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness;

3. Importance of facilitator’s presence;

4. Structure of Holotropic Breathwork™ session: perspective from within;

5. Ways to support and integrate holotropic experience;

6. Releasing body work in Holotropic Breathwork™: history of how it came into existence – theory and practice, body work demonstration – an opportunity to practice for participants, discussion of difficult situations that facilitator can come across.

7. Ongoing exploration how Holotropic Breathwork™ can change our everyday life.

Module program includes lectures of Diana Medina – one of the senior teachers of Grof Transpersonal Training. The module is designed to provide 4 Holotropic Breathwork™ where each participant will have 2 sessions as breather and 2 as sitter. The module will be held in English and Russian (with consecutive interpretation). 

This GTT module is for:

  • Those who are planning to become certified in Holotropic Breathwork™ and use this method as professional tool (read more about GTT program); this module is referred to as mandatory;

  • Those who use Holotropic Breathwork™ for self-exploration, inner transformation and therapy and would like to undertake their inner journey, providing themselves with sufficient time;

  • Those who are already certified and aim to continue their personal and professional growth.

We care about the atmosphere of the module and safety of the participants, prior experience of Holotropic Breathwork™ with certified practitioners is mandatory.

The module will be delivered in non-residential “city format” in “League of Nations” business center (Suvorova st. 91) Accommodation and food are organized by the participants themselves.

When booking a hotel, please, pay attention that “League of Nations” business center is located on Suvorova street, it is in the center of the city near Don Plaza and Pokrovsky park. You can look for a suitable accommodation place at or

GTT Staff

Holly Harman

Facilitator and Organiser

Holly has a first degree in Psychology and is a Registered Mental Health Nurse. She worked in clinical and senior leadership roles in acute mental health settings in the National Health Service for 20...

Vladimir Emelianenko

Facilitator and Organiser

Vladimir graduated from Rostov-on-Don Medical University in 1994, having specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Beginning in 1994, he worked as a psychiatrist in the in-patient department of the...

Alexandra Emilianenko

Facilitator and Organiser

Alexandra Emelianenko is the co-director of Grof Transpersonal Training in Russia (GTT Russia), endocrinologist, clinical psychologist, certified Gestalt-therapist. Alexandra takes part in scientific...

Natalia Zgonnikova

Facilitator and Organiser

Coordinator of Grof Transpersonal Training in Russia, certified HB practitioner, psychologist, translator and intercultural communication specialist. Natalia works as part of the GTT team in Russia an...



The earlybird price for foreign participants is 

650 USD if 100% prepayment is made before August 23 and 

850 USD if paid after August 23. 

The price includes participation fee. Accommodation and food are not included and organized by the participants themselves. 

Please, pay attention that to participate at the module you are required to stay from the very beginning until the end. Taking into consideration that our participants travel from various parts of the world, it is possible, as an exception, to arrive late on the 3rd of September and leave early on the 8th of September. If you miss more of the module, it won’t be counted as complete and only HB sessions will be taken into account. 

Special offer for those who would like to participate in “The Power Within”  module with Diana Medina (September 3-8, 2017)  and  “Eros and Psyche” workshop with Stanislav Grof (September 16-21, 2017):

The earlybird price for foreign participants for both events - module and workshop - 1200 USD if 100% prepayment is made before August  23 and 1600 USD if paid after August 23.

The earlybird price for foreign participants “The Power Within”  module with Diana Medina (September 3-8, 2017) and for 2 lecture days with Stan Grof (September 16-17, 2017) -  850 USD if 100% prepayment is made before August  23 and 1050 USD if paid after August 23.


Venue Name

"League of Nations" business centre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia



91 Suvorova St