Josep Vila Tronchoni

He was born in 1951 in Sabadell (Barcelona). He studies a technical degree and becomes a young businessman, until his health problems lead him to seek a solution that Western medicine cannot seem to offer. He thus comes into contact with traditional Amazonian medicine and the knowledge of the so-called sacred plants, which means for him not only his personal healing but also the discovery of his abilities to help others as a healer.

Currently he dedicates himself entirely to working with “master plants”, as he likes to say, since his purpose in using them is to awaken the inner teacher that each person carries within them. This work with plants has a double aspect: healing and knowledge. In short, find (and let it happen) the path that is unique to each person in life.

In Spain he guides work groups linked to him in a completely free and spontaneous way, without any type of formal organization. He periodically travels to Ireland and Austria, where there are also working groups with which he collaborates closely. In addition, each year he makes at least two trips to the Peruvian Amazon, where he collaborates with the masters who are the custodians of this ancient spiritual tradition, in the company of people who wish to have the experience of working with the master plants in their own place of origin.

He is certified as a facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork by Dr. Stanislav Grof. He is a specialist in therapies in non-ordinary states of consciousness, addictions, depressive states, etc.

Currently, he works in Spain and part of Europe, leading personal growth and addiction groups through the Amazonian Master plants.

Esperanza Lopez Corcuera

Born in Sabadell, she has always combined her family life with work.
Her clear inclination towards natural therapies and her intuition about her people led her to start in 1980 several courses related to manual techniques such as chiropractic, massage, reflexotherapy, craniosacral therapy, etc.

For a long time she organized the holding of periodic Holotropic Breathwork workshops at her center in Sabadell.

For many years he has traveled periodically to Peru, in the Amazon jungle he has worked and currently works with Vegetable Masters in Diets and retreats, experiencing the wisdom and healing of vegetables, obtaining knowledge of the Amazonian tradition, especially in the preparation and Tobacco applications.

She currently collaborates with Josep Vila in the personal growth workshops that both carry out in various places in Spain, Ireland and Austria.

Shamanism meets Holotropic Breathwork-7day-6 nights Spain 15th-21th of September 2025 Jose Vila Tronchoni and Esperanca Lopez and Team

Jose Vila Tronchoni - Esperanza Lopez - Franki Vila

A combination of Holotropic Breathwork and working with Masterplants for advanced selfdiscovery. Please mint this. is a 7 days retreat like diets in the rainforest ! You may not get any sugar, salt and meat.

This 7-day, 6-night workshop integrates Holotropic Breathwork with shamanic practices in a harmonious and integrative manner, facilitating a profound healing experience. Following the tradition of an "amazon diet," participants will engage in the consumption of Tobacco and Luz de la Selva, a blend of 8 different master plants. Working with these master plants occurs within a ritual context, emphasizing the intentions of cleansing, healing, and gaining insight, thereby fostering a deep connection with oneself.

The incorporation of plant work supports and integrates the experiences gained from breathwork in a gentle and cohesive manner. 

"FATHER TOBACCO" Tobacco, a Master Plant sourced from the Amazon, seeks out ancient emotional imprints stored within the body over time. Its purpose is to cleanse and purify on both physical and emotional levels, preparing the body and mind for the Taita Selva. 

"LUZ DE LA SELVA (LIGHT OF THE JUNGLE)" Luz de la Selva is a combination of 8 master plants from the Peruvian Amazon, with a mission to rebalance and purify at an energetic level, addressing negative thought patterns. Luz de la Selva is typically used in a dietary regimen spanning 4 days. This plant mixture operates on two fronts: On the psychic-emotional plane, it facilitates clarity in dreams, offering insights into past, present, and future experiences with a heightened level of understanding. It serves as a guide in dreams, revealing forgotten moments of the past and illuminating entire life periods. It embodies knowledge in a fluid state, guiding individuals to realms of wisdom and light. Luz de la Selva aids in emotional healing, warming cold hearts and dissipating anger, fostering connections with others and oneself. On the physical plane, it effectively addresses bodily conditions such as cold extremities, poor circulation, and numbness. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and tonic properties, benefiting various health conditions including anemia, cholesterol, menstrual issues, fever, and more. 

All master plants utilized in the workshop are legally permitted. 

Shamanic guidance will be provided by José Esperanza, Franki and , each boasting over 20 years of experience in leading groups and conducting shamanic rituals. Holotropic Breathwork sessions will be facilitated by experienced GTT certified practitioners. The workshop will be conducted in English and Spanish, with German translation available if needed.

Franki Vila Lopez Born in 1980 in Sabadell, Spain, his early fascination with motors led him to study motor racing. Despite a successful career in multinational corporations, his longing for deeper fulfillment grew. A pivotal moment arrived when he immersed himself in traditional Amazonian medicine, undertaking a transformative journey guided by master plants. Encouraged by his father, he embarked on a solitary retreat, drinking Ayahuasca and discovering a newfound commitment to healing.

Attending the International Congress of Sintergética in Cancún further fueled his quest for knowledge. Inspired by Dr. Jorge Carvajal, he delved into "Hands to Heal" therapy, blending various manual medicine techniques. His journey took him to Peru and Brazil, where he deepened his understanding of plant medicine and spiritual practices.

Despite a successful career in multinational corporations, his longing for deeper fulfillment grew. A pivotal moment arrived when he immersed himself in traditional Amazonian medicine, undertaking a transformative journey guided by master plants. Encouraged by his father, he embarked on a solitary retreat, drinking Ayahuasca and discovering a newfound commitment to healing.



Thomas Liska

Facilitator and Organiser

Thomas Liska is GTT Europe Direktor and together with Sonja Busch founder of the Holotropic Association of Europe with extensive experience working in Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain,...

Sonja Busch

Teacher and Facilitator

Sonja is GTT Europe Coordinator and Founder of the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork. She works in private practice as Bowen Body Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Specialised...

Marc B.Aixalà

Teacher and Facilitator

Marc Aixalà is a Telecommunication Engineer, a Licensed Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist with post degree studies in Integrative Psychotherapy, and Strategic Therapy, and is trained in the ther...

Dolors Anna Carrión


Dolors Anna Carrión Founder of Psyqueholografic®School of Alchemic Evolution Transpersonal psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to opening ways of conciousness, finding n...

Emilia Sanabria


Emilia Sanabria discovered Holotropic Breathwork in 2013 and began her training in 2017. She certified with Grof Transpersonal Training in Loveland Colorado in 2022. She has also completed the Mu...


Girona, Girona Spain, 17001

Girona, Girona Spain, 17001

The Hotel with 1000 year history is located close to Girona in wonderfull nature and perfect for the work with masterplants!

Details comes with the registration!


The Price for the 7days/6 nights expirience is € 950 Euro for the diet with masterplants and the breathwork.                                  Payment after receiving the invoice.
The Hotel costs 7 days retrait/6 nights, full board, breaks 510 Euro (85 Euro per night)
There are no singlerooms !
Please mind during this week you don`t get sugar, salt and meat!

There are no singleroooms.


The price includes the Training Module and two plentiful coffee-tea breaks every day.
Accommodation with full board is ordered by us and payed direct in Hotel Friedrichshof.



The cancellation fee is always EUR 180 ink.20%VAT,- for a Module.

If you cancel the module within 30 days before the course, the course fee will not be refunded, but could be applied to any other module or workshop with the Holotropic Association Austria (minus the cancellation fee).
If you cancel the workshop more than a month in advance the total amount minus 180,- EUR cancellation fee will be refunded.
If the organization should cancel the event due to any reason, the entire amount paid for the course will be refunded to the participants. Please note: The organisation will not take any responsibility for any additional expenses the cancellation may cause to the participant such as for example travel expenses.