2nd September

Magdalena Šimečková 




Holotropic Breathwork Training module with CAIT BRANIGAN & GTT staff 
SEPTEMBER 2-7, 2019
 Svatá Kateřina resort, Počátky, Czech Republic


As we travel through life, we are greatly impacted by our environment: culturally, physiologically and through our family lineage. Thus we are shaped, thus we grow. Often, this environmental impact remains unconsciously active within us, influencing our choices and our experience of life.Within this workshop, we will explore our ancestral legacy – a legacy shaped by the experiences, emotional life, gifts/skills and trauma of our ancestors, both near and distant. Working with the circle of life – inception/birth; youth; middle years and old age – we will track our ancestors in our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. By doing so, we seek to heal, enrich and awaken to our true selves.Using shamanic journeying, we will connect to our recent and deep ancestors, finding guides to aid us in understanding the legacy that we carry within. We will delve into the patterns that arise from that legacy and explore the means to resolve that which is unresolved through journeys, pathworking, movement and sound work.The beauty of this module is that besides the four deeply healing holotropic breathwork sessions (2 as a breather and 2 as a sitter) shamanic journeying will be experienced in a way that you can take this skill back home with you and practice there as well to integrate and foster further transformation.



Cait Branigan

Cait Branigan is an Ordained Priestess of the Western Mystery Tradition, a Bean Feasa (Shamanic Practioner) and Healer working within the traditions of Ireland. She works with individuals for healing at her centre in Co. Wexford. She also works with and teaches groups in Ireland and abroad. An essential part of her work is in the area of Women’s Mysteries in which she has conducted workshops and ceremonies around the country. She also facilitates sweat lodges within the Irish Tradition and performs Rites of Passage within the community. She is an Ovate with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a member of the Fellowship of Isis.



Module cost

early registration before july 31 = 750 EUR

after august 1 = 870 EUR


double room = 566 EUR

single room = 667 EUR

Extra night before or after

double room = .79 EUR

single room = 109 EUR




Resort Svatá Kateřina

Svatá Kateřina 327

394 64 Počátky




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Tel: 00420 565 456 666

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We offer you the possibility of private transfer from Prague to Resort Svatá Kateřina or back. The price for one car for 1 - 2 persons is 3 700 CZK and price for one car for 3 - 7 persons 4 000 CZK for one direction. In the car stay at your disposal: WiFi Internet, still water and sweets. You will get more information at the reception: +420 565 456 801

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Car rental

To rent a car for the whole module is another possibility and the price is approximately 180 EUR



If you rent a car and wish to share, let us know and we will inform other participants.

By car

GPS navigation, the coordinates of the parking lot in Pocatky are
49°15'23.776"N, 15°13'58.133" (N - 49,25654° E - 15,23295°)

Note: Due to the fact that there is motor traffic banned at the St. Kateřina Resort, guests have unguarded parking free of charge at their disposal at Počátky and can use the free hotel shuttle bus, which runs between the parking lot and the resort when necessary. 

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