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Karin Franziska Michalek is a Peace and Conflict Facilitator. She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies. Currently she is trained to become a Psychotherapist in Integrative Gestalttherapy in Vienna. Her training in Holotropic Breathwork began in 2006 and she is certified since 2012.

Since then she has been instrumental in creating and facilitating workshops in Austria and Germany. Besides Karin conducts workshops in „Embodied Peacework“ with the main focus on the relational nature of human beings and how peace can be perceived holistically. She works with methods from the Humanistic Psychology, including aspects of Theatre, Dance and Nonviolent Communication. She draws her experience from working at the international Masters Program in Peace and Conflict Studies.
Currently she is working with traumatized children and jung people at a Social Therapeutic Department.

„I discovered my heart“, she always says first when people ask her about the Holotropic Breathwork. And with all her heart she loves to accompany, hold and create spaces for people on their personal unfolding, on their inner path to peace.

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