Trauma and Transformation: A Holotropic Perspective | October 30 — November 4 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Trauma and Transformation: A Holotropic Perspective | October 30 — November 4 | Kyiv, Ukraine

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.”

Kahlil Gibran



Trauma is the Greek word for wound, a wounding. We all have woundings; from birth to death, and even before birth. These can be demanding in their intensity, in their impact on us, and in our relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment. The module will focus on the impact of trauma on physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. We will explore holotropic strategies that can be beneficial in working with these challenging issues.

Our approach will be largely experiential and interactive. Each participant will experience two Holotropic Breathwork sessions as a “breather” and two as a “sitter." Drawing on our personal experience, we will also engage in creative exercises with art materials, writing and movement. 

Topics will include:

  • The use of survival strategies and ego defense mechanisms; their effectiveness and limitations. 
  • How Holotropic Breathwork can work to integrate and transform trauma.
  • Looking at related approaches, such as Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, and Pat Ogden; EMDR; TRE; EFT; and recent research with MDMA. 
  • The power of Presence.
  • Understanding Grof's perinatal and transpersonal levels of our being; and the impact of generational links as part of the transpersonal


This module will not only be useful in our own journey towards wholeness, but will enhance our ability to be present with others — as companions, therapists and facilitators — as they work with their own trauma.



We will start on 30th October at 12:00 with registration and close on 4th November at lunch time (around 1 pm). A more detailed schedule will be given shortly before the event.

Lecturer Information

2014.08 Certification by Tamara 2014 6682 

Jean Farrell

GTT facilitator and trainer

Born in England, Jean has lived in Ireland for thirty years with her husband and the children and young people they have fostered. In England she worked as a senior lecturer in Youth and Community Work, teaching Counseling Skills and Group Work at Manchester Metropolitan University. In Ireland she works as a psychotherapist and offers supervision to therapists in various agencies working with trauma. She also teaches Counseling and Therapeutic Skills for the National University of Ireland.

Supporting people in healing the effects of trauma for over 30 years she is passionate about Grof Holotropic Breathwork and certified as a facilitator in 1996. Since then she offers residential workshops every month in a small centre at her home. She has been working with Grof Training and in workshops all over Europe.

GTT Staff

Zoya Musatova

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Nora McDonnell

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Venue name

"Puscha Lesna Hotel"


Victor Pestsov

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950 (incl. accomodation doubleroom, 5 nights with full board) —  participants are encouraged to register as EARLY as possible because of limited number of "early bird" places. Regular price is 1050.

700 — with additional discount for Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belarus. 




Lesnaya 1, Moshchun — "Puscha Lesna Hotel", Kyiv, Ukraine (google maps)

Lesnaya 1, Moshchun — "Puscha Lesna Hotel", Kyiv, Ukraine (google maps)

Payment Details

 You will be provided with payment details upon registration process

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee is €200, any time you cancel the workshop.

If you cancel the workshop within 30 days before the start, the whole workshop amount will not be refunded, but after deducting the €200 cancellation fee it could be applied to any other workshop or Module during the following 2 years (with GTT Ukraine).

If you cancel the workshop more than 30 days in advance the total amount (minus the 200 cancellation fee) will be refunded.

Travel Information

From IEV — Kyiv International Airport aprox. 1 hour travel by taxi (~20) or 1,5 hour travel by tube+bus (~3).

From KBP — Boryspil International Airport aprox. 2 hour travel by taxi (~30) or 2,5 hour travel by bus+tube+bus (~€5).

From "Kiev-Pasazhyrskyi" railway station — aprox.1 hour travel by taxi (~20) or 1,5 hour travel by tube+bus (~3).

Google Maps:


We will provide you an additional information and facilitate your travel to the venue.