Sacred Geometry, Mandala and Consciousness - GTT module with Geoff Fitzpatrick, 20 - 25 November 2018, Peace Castle Schlaining

To give you a taste what we will explore during this module....

When we actually construct sacred patterns in a meditative way, we begin to embody qualities of the creative principle behind them. We learn to resonate with these underlying patterns and come into alignment with the sacred mandala of the self, the inner intelligence always moving us toward wholeness.

In addition to Holotropic Breathwork, meditation, dance, ritual, and music journeys, you will: create your own sand mandalas with the tools and techniques developed by Tibetan Buddhist monks; learn about a 'Grand Pattern' underlying all of existence, from the shape of our DNA to the movements of the planets and the form of the galaxy; experience how sacred geometry can be harnessed to open a pathway between your everyday awareness and the deeper, hidden aspects of your being, as well as between your truest self and the world; experience the archetypal ritual of creation, impermanence, and destruction used by Tibet and other cultures for thousands of years; come into alignment with a pattern of order that binds all of reality together in the most beautiful tapestry imaginable.

An article on the benefits and beauty of mandala work can be found here: Exploring inside on the outside - my journey with Mandalas by Geoff Fitzpatrick.


Each participant will experience, also, four sessions of Holotropic Breathwork both as breather (2 sessions) and sitter (2 sessions).


We will start on 20th November at 9:30 and close on 25th November at lunch time around 13:00. A detailed schedule will be given at the workshop.


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Lecturer Information


Geoff Fitzpatrick

Geoff Fitzpatrick B.A. has studied psychology in Trinity College Dublin, and is a Graduate of the Milltown Institute of Theology where he studied spiritual enrichment. He has an active interest in modern consciousness research. He has been constructing mandalas for 10 years and is driven to promote the transformative potential of these sacred circles.

"I have two great passions, one is the exploration of consciousness the other is the construction of mandalas. In effect these are two sides of the same coin. The first time I saw a mandala was about 25 years ago. A group of Tibetan Monks came to Trinity College Dublin. They spent a week creating a magnificent Kalachakra sand mandala. I was mesmerised by the experience, the colours, the shapes and the sound of the chak purs are as vivid in my memory today as they were all that time ago. It was eight years later in that very same university whilst studying psychology I came across mandalas for a second time. I studied the work of Carl Jung and Stanislav Grof both of whom saw the mandala as a powerful psychotherapeutic tool. The depths of the psyche that I touch when constructing mandalas are similar in tonality to those from breathwork. I have borrowed heavily from the map of consciousness drafted by Stan Grof to navigate my way through the experiences activated whilst constructing mandalas.

But the greatest teachers for me have been the shapes themselves - The geometric symbols that date
back into our prehistory and their origins dwell in the very fabric of what creates the universe itself. Nothing has exposed me to more mystery or opened me to greater depths of inner experience than working with these symbols. The sum total of my seeking, the knowledge gleaned from the courses, workshops of all kinds, powerful peak experiences and exposure to enlightened teachers can be distilled down to one very simple thing.......I believe there is a greater wisdom available to us at all times. The thing is, this higher wisdom is easier to experience than it is to explain."


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Venue name

Peace Castle Schlaining


Early bird price for the GTT Module on Sacred Geometry in Peace Castle Schlaing is € 1.090,- in a double room and € 1.160,- in a single room (registration and payment before 23th October 2018 ).

When registering after 23th October 2018 the price is € 1.240,-. in a double and € 1.310,- in a single room.

The price includes the GTT module with accomodation and full board in Hotel Peace Castle Schlaining ( from 20th November until 25th November and two plentiful coffee-tea breaks every day. When registering please state which kind of room you wish and be aware that there is only a limited number of single rooms available.

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Rochusplatz 1 A-7461 Stadtschlaining Austria

Rochusplatz 1

A-7461 Stadtschlaining


Payment Details

To reserve your place please transfer the full amount when registering for the workshop. To benefit from the early bird price please transfer until 23th October 2018.

Please use the following Bank Account:

Holotropic Association
Otto-Probst-Platz 8/1/14
1100 Wien, Austria
IBAN: AT42 1420 0200 1095 2132
Reference Code: Sacred Geometry + Your Name (name of participant)

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Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee is 50 Euro.

If you cancel the module within 30 days before the course, the amount transferred will not be refunded, but it could be applied to any other workshop or Module during the following 4 years (with Holotropic Association Europe).

If you cancel the workshop more than 30 days in advance the total amount (minus the 50 Euro cancellation fee) will be refunded.


Travel Information

If you travel by car

The peace castle Schlaining is located in the Southern part of Austria:

Driving distance from Vienna: 1.5 hours
Driving distance from Bratislava: 2 hours
Driving distance from Zagreb/Ljubljana: 2.5 hours


If you travel by plane

Vienna International Airport (VIE)

Bratislava (BTS), from Bratislava airport a direct bus goes to Vienna.

From Vienna airport a direct bus goes five times a day to Pinggau (half an hour from Peace Castle Schlaining). For those arriving to Vienna a day before the starting day we will try to assist in arranging car sharing opportunities or if this does not work out arrange a transfer possibility from Pinggau to Schlaining. For the return on Sunday we can organize a transfer to Pinggau bus station after the closure of the workshop for the busses departing at 15:20 and 17:40.

The bus schedule looks as follows:

Airport Vienna - Pinggau and return Pinggau - Airport Vienna

10:30 - 11:50------------------03:40 - 05:10

13:10 - 14:30------------------05:40 - 07:10

16:10 - 17:30------------------07:40 - 09:10

18:10 - 19:30------------------10:30 - 12:00

20:10 - 21:30------------------13:00 - 14:30

22:10 - 23:30------------------15:20 - 16:50

00:10 - 01:30------------------17:40 - 19:10

You can also check the link here: Bus airport Vienna - Pinggau

The other possibility is to go from Vienna airport to Vienna center and take the bus from Vienna Center (Karlsplatz or Matzleinsdorfer Platz/Triester Strasse) to Oberwart, which is ten minutes from Schlaining.

Public transport by bus from Vienna City Center

is available regulary from Vienna and Graz to Oberwart (10 min from Schlaining). Also here we try to organize a transfer to Schlaining or you can take a taxi. Bus schedule Vienna - Oberwart as well as Graz - Oberwart: Download here

What to do in Stadtschlaining

Stadtschlaining is located in the Thermal Spa area of Austria with Volcanic waters allowing for a beautiful relaxing expereince. The closest spa is a 15 minute taxi drive away in Bad Tatzmannsdorf:

Furthermore, you can explore the beautiful nature around Stadtschlaining on several hiking paths and visit the castle and its Peace Museum.