Winter Solstice Intensive Retreat 21. - 23. December & Holiday Gift!

Dear friends!

this is an invitation to join us for Winter Solstice celebration, where we will let go of the old and prepare for new beginnings. Tune in with the cosmic cycle of Nature and connect with your deepest Inner Wisdom by joining us in this adventure of self-discovery, healing and transformation in enhanced states of consciousness.

The workshop will take place in a beautiful environment of  Otočec ob Krki, Slovenija, in hotel Šport (the venue is located less than an hour drive from Ljubljana and Zagreb airports).

We will start on Friday, 21. December at 8:30 and finish on Sunday 23. December at 2 pmThere will be four Holotropic Breathwork sessions (two as a breather and two as a sitter).  

We have prepared special holiday gifts for you if you register until 6. December (scroll down to find out more)!

Dive into deepest corners of your psyche and connect with your inner strength in this adventure of self-discovery in  enhanced states of consciousness. Join us in a safe environment of warm-hearted fellow travellers supported by experienced GTT certified team.

For any further information or assistance about travels etc. send us an email, we are happy to answer!

With love,
Holotropic Development Team

Venue name

Hotel Sport, Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otocec, Slovenia


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Cost of the workshop: 320€

If you register until 6. December you can choose between two gifts:

❄ 100€ discount of the workshop cost


Bring a friend/partner/relative for free


Accommodation cost:

Full board in double room (2x60 €) - total  120€ 

Full board in single room (2x75 €) - total 150€


Hotel Sport, Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otocec, Slovenia

Hotel Sport, Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otocec, Slovenia