Dec 06, 2021


Hotel Friedrichshof, Austria 6th -17th of December 2021

Certification will be held if Covid restrictions allow. For those who have completed the necessary requirements. Because of the unusual nature of the past year, please contact us about your individual situation if you are close to fulfilling all of your requirements. 
2 weeks-residential course (in English) aimed at persons who are willing to complete the GTT program an become an HB certified facilitator.
Dear Certification Candidates, we will have the Certification Intensive Module in Austria - Europe for those of you who are ready for it and wish to join this group. We are really involved in preparing everything to support this intense experience of learning and group sharing.
We remind you that if you are interested in coming, in case that you would have not fulfilled some of the requirements you should contact us, since GTT will study each case on an individual basis. It could be that, exceptionally, you can take part in this process of certification, with the commitment of finishing your missing requirements later. In this case, the certification would be conditional and you would not get yet the “official” certificate of having finished the training, and you would not be allowed to practice as facilitator till you get your official certification. Any exception is subject to approval by GTT. We are glad to help you if this would be your case and you would like to come to the upcoming certification in Spain.
It is our hope this time together will be in celebration of you in your unique process of transformation and emergence. We hope it will serve to honor the experiences of working within the community and continue to deepen our dedication to the Holotropic perspective.To attend certification, you also must:
1) have applied and been accepted to GTT 
2) have applied and been accepted to attend the Certification Intensive 
3) register for the Certification Intensive with GTT Application information and support packet Forms for applying Facilitator recommendation form.  
Application information and support packet 
Forms for applying 
Facilitator recommendation form  
The seminar is a professional advanced training event and takes place in accordance with the current Covid-19 guidelines. The seminar house respects the distance and hygiene regulations.
This module will be taught in English. Translation into German will be done in case there would be a group of 5 or more people who need it.We invite you to bring five or six mandalas, soul collages, masks or any other art that reflects your personal (or communal) journey during the Holotropic Breathwork training for the retrospective sharing.
In addition, please feel free to bring any supplemental art supplies, magazines (those with inspiring photos and images are very helpful), specific art mediums for the decoration of masks (we will provide the plaster to make them) and soul collages (we will provide the mat boards).We also invite you to bring any costumes, makeup, or instruments that would enhance the presentation of your personal process of "creative synthesis" for the final day of celebration.Your music set. Since some of you have asked, here is the protocol for music sets, according to Tav: He won't be reviewing any sets before coming to certification, so his instructions are to bring it with you and he'll go over it with you there. Two ways you can do it: burn the set ahead of time, if you wish, OR you can just bring the individual CDs with the cuts that you want to use and let him hear them in order.
Because there are always going to be some changes, and then you can burn the revised version afterward. Dress up clothes for the final celebration, and anything you'd like to have on the altar during certification is also welcome. 
Groups are international, both GTT staff and participants come from different parts of the world. It is an experience of deep and respectful work, but the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Meals are buffet style, organic and of excellent quality and variety, suited for Vegans, vegetarians and no-vegetarians. 


Hotel Friedrichshof

Römerstraße 2,, Zurndorf Austria, 2424

Römerstraße 2,, Zurndorf Austria, 2424