Inka (Jirina) Machackova

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Inka (Jirina)
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Inka was born in 1972, lives in a town in Norhtern Bohemia, where if it is not raining, it is snowing or uphill.  Became an environmental scientists specialized in groundwater contamination surveys and clean-up, living in long-lerm partnership with her partner, mother of three. Inka got rumors about holotropic breathwork during her university studies in early nineties, but she took her first holotropic breathing event in 2008. It brought profound spiritual and healing experience and led so far to more than ten years on the path of personal growth and work with enhanced states of consciousness, reached through holotropic breathwork and other psychospiritual approaches. 


Fascinated by the healing potential of enhanced states of consciousness, Inka took several trainings, HB facilitation one of the most desired among them. She started with walking of the floor as a HB apprentice in 2015 and  became a certified HB facilitator in 2017.  She also absolved a long-term training in tantra for couples in Osho tradition with her partner (2013 - 2016), led by teachers Sarita and Suta, several female tantra trainings (2009 - 2017) and trainings in systemic therapy (2013- 2016) and guided meditation (2012).  Inka started with facilitation of female circles  and intuitive dancing groups  in 2010. 

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